MY TEK CONS INC is a full service construction management firm, where our clients’ ideas are taken from conception to completion with care and detail.



Working as a Construction Manager, we can perform many duties. These duties fall into three phases:

Design Phase


Stucco or render is a material made of aggregates, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as decorative coating for walls and ceilings and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as metal, concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe. In English, stucco usually means a coating for the outside of a building, and plaster one for interiors; as described below, the material itself is often little different. But other European languages, importantly including Italian, do not have the same distinction; stucco means plaster in Italian and serves for both. This has led to English often using "stucco" for interior decorative plasterwork in relief, especially in art history and older sources.


A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, drop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles and is a staple of modern construction and architecture in both residential and commercial applications.Acoustic balance and control was another early objective of dropped ceilings. A noisy room can overstimulate occupants, while a too quiet interior may seem dull and uninviting. The acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has improved dramatically over the years, with enhanced sound absorption and attenuation. This is sometimes achieved by adding insulation known as Sound Attenuation Batts (SABs), more commonly referred to as "sound batts", above the panels to help deaden sounds and keep adjacent rooms quieter.


When your existing swimming pool needs more than basic service or repair, you need seasoned design, pool-construction & technology experts to give it a total makeover. Let MY TEK CONS INC. deliver more than you ever imagined possible with a complete modernization and style update. Creative pool design coupled with state-of-the-art updates will not only provide a more modern, more attractive pool scape, but will also save time & money, enhance comfort & safety, and ensure a backyard resort that’s easier to own. You can add a spa or dazzling, color-changing lighting, resurface your interior with a lasting color quartz finish, bring in automation with easy digital controls, or enjoy the ultimate in gentle, fuss-free purification. And no matter the scope of your remodeling project, you can count on Blue Haven’s superb value & quality. Building a pool with renovations & modernizations can include: Design modifications to shape, depth, and style custom tile, stone, brick, and masonry slides, diving boards, and exercise swim jets expert deck repairs & replacement gunite spas, pools with waterfalls, fountains, and lighting resurfacing with resilient color quartz finish. Save time, money, and more with SmartFeatures

Construction Phase


Demolition is the tearing down of buildings and other man-made structures. Demolition contrasts with deconstruction, which involves taking a building apart while carefully preserving valuable elements for re-use purposes. For small buildings, such as houses, that are only two or three stories high, demolition is a rather simple process. The building is pulled down either manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment: elevated work platforms, cranes, excavators or bulldozers. Larger buildings may require the use of a wrecking ball, a heavy weight on a cable that is swung by a crane into the side of the buildings. Wrecking balls are especially effective against masonry, but are less easily controlled and often less efficient than other methods. Newer methods may use rotational hydraulic shears and silenced rock-breakers attached to excavators to cut or break through wood, steel, and concrete. The use of shears is especially common when flame cutting would be dangerous.


Our Mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality roofing service's consistently, efficiently, and affordably. ​ At MY TEK CONC INC., we understand your need for an affordable and durable roofing system. Although we are not the only roofing company in town,what sets us apart is our drive to continously fulfill your demands for a job well done and our sincere interest to help you as a customer. ​ Let us help you in your roofing project - from closing a roofing permit to completing a large scale project - we are positive you will not be disappointed. We specialize in large commercial warehouses and condominiums. With 20 years of professional experience in the roofing industry, a 24-hour emergency system and a quick response time, we are ready to serve your roofing needs. Call now for a free roofing evaluation and estimate. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us'll be glad you did. And remember, after all, it's the roof above your head.


Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape.Framing materials are usually wood, engineered wood, or structural steel. Building framing is divided into two broad categories, heavy-frame construction (heavy framing) if the vertical supports are few and heavy such as in timber framing, pole building framing, or steel framing or many and smaller called light-frame construction (light framing) including balloon, platform and light-steel framing. Light-frame construction using standardized dimensional lumber has become the dominant construction method in North America and Australia because of its economy. Use of minimal structural material allows builders to enclose a large area with minimal cost, while achieving a wide variety of architectural styles. Historically mankind fitted naturally shaped wooden poles together as framework and then began using joints to connect the timbers, a method today called traditional timber framing. Modern light-frame structures usually gain strength from rigid panels (plywood and other plywood-like composites such as oriented strand board (OSB) used to form all or part of wall sections) but until recently carpenters employed various forms of diagonal bracing to stabilize walls. Diagonal bracing remains a vital interior part of many roof systems, and in-wall wind braces are required by building codes in many municipalities or by individual state laws in the United States. Special framed shear walls are becoming more common to help buildings meet the requirements of earthquake engineering and wind engineering. The alternative to framed construction is generally called mass wall construction which is made from horizontal layers of stacked materials such as log building, masonry, rammed earth, adobe, etc.


Offering the best quality paving experience for our clients has earned us the positive referral based reputation. We work hard to get the job done right the first time and every time! Roads paving seeks to establish long lasting relationships with our customers. Our expertise in the field of paving along with our understanding of local, city and governmental building codes in the Washington area make Roads Paving the right choice for your next paving project. Whether you are maintaining your existing pavement, upgrading or building new construction, call us today to schedule your free estimate. We look forward to helping you complete your job as easily as possible From estimating, scheduling and installation, our goal is to work with you and provide you with the best option for your home or business.


Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum panel, sheet rock, or gypsum board) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) with or without additives and normally pressed between a facer and a backer (typically thick sheets of paper). It is used to make interior walls and ceilings. The plaster is mixed with fibre (typically paper and/or fibreglass), plasticizer, foaming agent, and various additives that can decrease mildew, increase fire resistance, and lower water absorption.

Post-Construction Phase


The company will seek to provide its painting services in the most timely manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The company's principal officers see each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. This will help to provide greater long-term profits through referrals and repeat business. MY TEK CONS INC will institute the following key procedures to reach its goals: Create a position of inventory coordinator, and have at least one expediter assigned to each project. Have a dedicated project manager for each project who can handle quality-control issues. Institute a program of profit sharing among all employees.


We can finish any building up to the smallest detail – from the insulation, plastering and puttying, putting terracotta, faience, fine stoneware tiles, sanitary ware, parquet, laminated flooring, decorative plaster, painting, putting wallpaper, etc. up to the finest finishing works which only professional designers would take on – stained glass, plastic arts, decorative wall panels, interior wall murals, etc. Trust us and we will create the ambience in all areas of the property – both indoor and outdoor. Our team of architects, designers and executors works in complete synchronization so that when the project is finished you will be more than pleased with the final result. We believe that there is a lot of charm in the smallest details and that is why we strive to give our clients the highest quality and beauty – from the conceptual stage of the project to the fully finished design.


Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Both terms are used interchangeably but floor covering refers more to loose-laid materials. Materials almost always classified as floor covering include carpet, area rugs, and resilient flooring such as linoleum or vinyl flooring. Materials commonly called flooring include wood flooring, laminated wood, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo, and various seamless chemical floor coatings. The choice of material for floor covering is affected by factors such as cost, endurance, noise insulation, comfort and cleaning effort. Some types of flooring must not be installed below grade (lower than ground level), and laminate or hardwood should be avoided where there may be moisture or condensation. The subfloor may be finished in a way that makes it usable without any extra work, see: Earthen floor adobe or clay floors Solid ground floor cement screed or granolithic There are a number of special features that may be used to ornament a floor or perform a useful service. Examples include Floor medallions which provide a decorative centerpiece of a floor design, or Gratings used to drain water or to rub dirt off shoes.


Landscape lighting or garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes; for the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses.Conventionally generated and sourced electricity remains the most used source for landscape lighting in the early twenty-first century. With the combination of increasing demand for more efficient lighting, increasing availability of sustainable designs, global warming considerations, and aesthetic and safety concerns in garden and landscape design the methods and equipment of outdoor illumination have been evolving. The increasing use of LEDs, solar power, low voltage fixtures, energy efficient lamps, and energy-saving lighting design are examples of innovation in the field.


MY TEK CONC INC. can assist in the planning and design stages of the project to achieve maximum value for each design feature, while keeping in mind the clients’ long-term business objectives. We pride ourselves on having excellent working relationships with many outstanding designers and architects that are ready to translate the clients’ needs onto paper.



We communicate between active stakeholders – bringing all parties together in order to translate the scope of work. In doing so, we facilitate pricing and ensure value engineering. We understand that every job is unique. That’s why we have trusted, specialized craftsmen create that “special touch” to make any office space stand out.

  • BUILDING PERMITS: Applications, Inspections, Sign-Off


A full service contractor, MY TEK CONC INC. will take your construction project from concept straight through to completion. Our response and rapid resolution to unexpected challenges make us stand above the competition. Our transparency and time management skills allow us to monitor and control project progress to ensure client satisfaction.


Prior to committing to new premises, the existing condition of the building structure and systems must be determined. Many older buildings will not be able to cope with the electrical requirements or air conditioning requirements of modern companies.
It is important to know if these building systems will need upgrading or replacing in order to facilitate your needs.


MY TEK CONC INC. Management has excellent working relationships with many outstanding designers and architects, and we can assist in the planning and design stage of the project to achieve maximum value for each design feature. Every company is different, and our goal is to help create a functional, efficient, and dynamic workplace that reflects the culture and character of each unique client.


We feel that competitive and accurate estimating is a large part of our function as general contractors. No matter what the size of the job, our experienced staff takes pride in providing a complete and precise quotation to our clients, without cost or obligation. We can take the guesswork out of your construction project and include the behind the scenes costs of a project that often get overlooked.


In order for all parties involved to fully understand the scope of work, working drawings must be prepared. Our team of expert space planners will put your needs on CAD or paper, ready for your approval and building permit application.


Every job is unique. That’s why we have skilled craftsmen that can create that special touch that makes an office your own. We have the precision and expertise to create custom partitioning systems, ceilings, skylights, staircases, vestibules and impressive reception areas. We offer unique cabinetry and innovative glass and mirror installations to add architectural emphasis to your design.


Every company has its own culture. You want that reflected in your new offices. Whether it’s through unique wall finishes, glazing effects or custom flooring, we can portray your Style, while maintaining your budget.